You only live once, so all you need is love.



I might get brand new zanessa pics from someone who promised me to give them to me… INSIDER!!!! oomfg.. i saw them.. kiss pics and so much more.. im crying right now.. i cant describe my feelings i swear… 

AND HERE IS PROVE! there are like over 500 pics of them!!!



aw! aw!


dying. guys dont steal and dont tag okay? please.. or i wont get more pictures… and I WONT post more. just wait till i get all the pics.image


going to send this one for you guys.. JUST THIS ONE.. till i get the rest.. im not going to tag it because the person didnt wanted me to PUBLISH IT lol.. but i mean.. come on.. I HAVE TO SHARE WITH U GUYS!image

Interviewing Zac Efron yesterday for my doc 21 Years: Richard Linklater. He was really thoughtful and heartfelt. Good guy.

Michael Dunaway. (x)

#zacefron makeup by #juliannekaye #behindthescenes @jeffreyfiterman @traviseanhaynes. (x)